Duncan's Donuts Episode January 11, 2018

The January 11th, 2018 episode: Couldn't we all use a Nap...

12:03pm - 12:59pm

...Eyes track to start off the show! Also, introducing The Green Child and Sheer Agony's Jackson MacIntosh.

Track Listing:

Every Time The Feeling
Nap Eyes · I'm Bad Now
The Green Child · s/t
Her Majesty, Budgie
Total Control · Laughing at the System
I Wonder Why
Holy Shit · Solid Rain
Bombs Away
John Maus · Screen Memories
Jackson MacIntosh · My Dark Side
Country Boy
Nicholas Krgovich · In an Open Field
Same Dream (Version 2)
Advance Base · Same Dream
I Want Her She Wants Me [mono with backing vocals]
The Zombies · Odessey And Oracle: 50th Anniversary Edition
Be Afraid
Be Afraid · One More Year
Teeth Or Retirement
Champion Lawnmower · Babies
So Pastoral
KMVP · KMVD - Revenge Demo
Internet Gurl
These Guy · Who Is It?
Actual Life
Rec Centre · Dealer to the Stars
I Was At The Height Of My Powers
Chris-A-Riffic · Post-Season