Duncan's Donuts Episode January 4, 2018

The January 4th, 2018: A 2018 Miracle!

12:02pm - 12:59pm

This is not a drill: CHRIS-A-RIFFIC's ALBUM IS IN THE WILD. A time to rejoice. This is either great news or sign of impending apocalypse. Either way, live it up! Happy new year! Also, happy birthday Hasan, and happy wedding David and Ali!

Track Listing:

Good Death
Cult Babies · s/t
The Ink Spots · Popular Favourites
Fresh Bruise
Chris-A-Riffic · Post-Season
Be Afraid · One More Year
Tie Yr Shoes
Cruel Sport · Shoelaces
Theme from "House Man"
Shitlord Fuckerman · Hot Blood and a House For A Head
Excerpt from "Commercial Waste (A)"
Zacht Automaat · "Commercial Waste"
Total Control · Laughing at the System
Change Your Mind (Live)
Jom Comyn · Fishbowl Sessions: Live from CiTR/DiSCORDER 2017
Build Something Else
KMVP · KMVD - Revenge Demo
No Love in Romance
Bored Decor · s/t
Handjob Buff
Skunt · Could Be Tighter
Detective Olivia Benson
necking · Meditation Tape
Me in Glue
Tough Age · Shame
Strong Suit
Marker Starling · Anchors and Ampersands
Mauno · Tuning
Three More Weeks
Elevator To Hell · Parts 1-3
Closer (feat. Vadell Gabriel)
Building Confidence Through Play · s/t