Duncan's Donuts Episode May 11, 2017

The May 11th, 2017 episode: So Much Good New Stuff

12:02pm - 1:03pm

New songs from the Monks! Chastity Belt! Sheer Mag! Grizzly Bear & Tops! Almost enough to make you forget Christy Clark is still Premier.

I'm away for the next two weeks. Make sure to check out the Toast on May 20th for my pal Rich's Twin Peaks tribute night. It'll be a slice!

Track Listing:

I Woke Up One Morning in May
Didier Hebert · Anthology of American Folk Music
The Ink Spots · Popular Favourites
I'm Watching You
The Monks · Hamburg Recordings, 1967
Caught In A Lie
Chastity Belt · I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone
Now Now
PWR BTTM · Pageant
I've Been Thinking
Handsome Boy Modelling School featuring Cat Power · White People
Just Can't Get Enough
Sheer Mag · Need To Feel Your Love
Gord's Horse
Cool Ghouls · Gord's Horse
The Smugglers featuring Rose Melberg · Rosie
Three Rings
Grizzly Bear · Untitled (2017)
FIN · Ice Pix
Dayglow Bimbo
Tops · Sugar at the Gate
Last Girl
Soccer Mommy · Last Girl/Be Seeing You
Audrey's Dance
Angelo Badalamenti · Twin Peaks OST
Angelo Badalamenti featuring Julee Cruise · Twin Peaks OST
Johnny Jewel · Windswept
The Pink Room
Angelo Badalamenti · Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me OST
The Light
Ora Cogan · Crickets