Duncan's Donuts Episode November 17, 2016

The November 17th episode: Farewell Leonard Cohen

12:03pm - 1:03pm

Leonard Cohen died last week, so I saw fit to have a tribute to him on today's show. Thanks to all those who phoned in. So many songs I had to omit: "The Partisan," "Lady Midnight," I'm Your Man," Famous Blue Raincoat," "Waiting For the Miracle," "Blessed is the Memory" and many more. That catalogue runs deep. Also, while I love Jeff Buckley's cover of "Hallelujah," he really set the conditions for the awful glut of covers of that song.Co-sign Luke's sentiment in the ep. Included is a snippet from David Remnick's interview and a clip from the NFB's 1965 film "Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr Leonard Cohen." I highly recommend seeking out both the film (it's on YouTube) and Remnick's profile in the Oct 17th, 2016 issue of the New Yorker.

Track Listing:

Field Commander Cohen
Leonard Cohen · New Skin For the Old Ceremony
Closing Time
Leonard Cohen · The Future
Dance Me To the End of Love
Leonard Cohen · Various Positions
Leaving the Table
Leonard Cohen · You Want it Darker
Leonard Cohen · Popular Problems
Leonard Cohen · Old Ideas
There's No Reason You Should Remember Me
Leonard Cohen · Complete BBC 2 Broadcast, 1968
Sisters of Mercy
Leonard Cohen · Songs of Leonard Cohen
Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye (featuring Julie Fenix)
Leonard Cohen · Once More with Felix
Bird on the Wire
Leonard Cohen · Songs from a Room
First, We Take Manhattan
Leonard Cohen · I'm Your Man
Tower of Song
Leonard Cohen · I'm Your Man