Duncan's Donuts Episode November 10, 2016

The November 10th, 2016: Trump won and it's all so terrifying

12:02pm - 1:02pm

Feeling pretty freaked out about what a Trump presidency and Republican-controlled government means for our southern neighbours and the world. Looks pretty bleak! First 40 minutes of the show reflect this anxiety. Last 20 minutes are (mostly) regular programming.

Track Listing:

November Spawned A Monster
Morrissey · Bona Drag
FDT ft Nipsey Hussle
Major General Despair
Crass · Best Before 1984
Big Dumb Man
John Maus · A Collection of Rarities
The Fear
John Maus · A Collection of Rarities
Curse Upon the World
Apple and 3 Oranges · California Funk
Saddest Night in the World
The Walker Brothers · Portrait
You Want it Darker
Leonard Cohen · You Want it Darker
I Hate You
The Monks · Black Monk Time
Pink White House
Priests · Nothing Feels Natural
Bill Callahan · Apocalypse
The World Is a Very Scary Place
The Gothic Archies · The Tragic Treasury
Falling in Love
Monomyth · Happy Pop Family
Second Softest
Hansmole · Endless Abundance
Mirepoix · Demo
Mustang Law
Dumb · Mustang Law
Not the Marrying Type
Old Girl · Objet A
Keep on Livin'
Le Tigre · Feminist Sweepstakes