Duncan's Donuts Episode September 1, 2016

The September 1st, 2016 episode: Summer is over

12:01pm - 1:03pm

Victory Square Block Party time! So long, Sarah C! Hello, new Connan Mocksin (sorta)!

Track Listing:

Rowche Rumble
The Fall · The Rough Trade Anthology
Lying Has To Stop
Soft Hair · s/t
Over the Night
Sean Nicholas Savage · Magnificent Fist
Sorry People
Savoy Motel · s/t
Deep Sea Diving Suit
Magnetic Fields · Holiday
Shingle Point Whaling Station
Willie Thrasher · Spirit Child
Running Scared
Dead Moon · Echoes From the Past
Nothing Personal
SBDC · Future Ex-Wives
Swim Team · Freedom/Constraint
"No Evil" Oil
Milk · Late Bloomer
Saturna Sakura
Mourning Coup · Baby Blue
Tough Customer · Demo
Ashley Shadow · s/t
You Can't Fire Me, I Quit
Tacocat · Lost Time