Duncan's Donuts Episode July 21, 2016

The July 21st episode: Woo hoo

11:59am - 1:05pm

Some new tracks Angel Olsen, Ultimate Painting & Ty Segall's GØGGS. Go to Red Gate Alley Fest this weekend!

Track Listing:

Greenbelt · Our Homes
Shut Up Kiss Me
Angel Olsen · My Woman
Vivien Goldman · Resolutionary
Ultimate Painting · Dusk
Cave Girl · Not Well, Thank You
Feta Morgana
Jons · Serfs of Today
Magic Hour
Hush Pup · Waterwings
Uncanny Valley
Fake Tears · Nightshifting
Over When You Die
Dada Plan · A Dada Plan is Free
Sightlines · North
Kiso Island · Demos
Rebel Black
Angelic Milk · High School Movie
Needle Trade Off
GØGGS · s/t
Chitter Chatter
Terry · Terry HQ
Captive of the Sun
Parquet Courts · Human Performance
Silver Touch
Brave Radar · Lion Head
A Place in the Sun
Marine Girls · Lazy Ways
Hands Up
Blood Orange · Freetown Sound