Duncan's Donuts Episode July 7, 2016

The July 7th, 2016 episode: A chat with Tessa of Brave Radar & Fixture Records

12:03pm - 1:02pm

So this one got a little weird. There was a fire alarm in the SUB, so I had to leave during the pre-recorded interview and when I came back in, it sounded as though the interview was skipping due to a technical glitch, so I ended it early. Bit of a bummer, but if you'd like to hear the full interview (sans musical interludes) it can be heard here:
Brave Radar's new record "Lion Head" is fantastic, as is Tessa's label, Fixture Records. It was really fun talking to her. Thanks for listening everybody (and happy birthday, Ellie!).

Track Listing:

Managerial Material
The World · Managerial Material
Flowers in my Eyes
Adrian Teacher and the Subs · Flowers in my Eyes
Kill Your Memory
Heaven For Real · Kill Your Memory
Computer is Better
Tommy Tone · Bad to the Tone
New Shades
Brave Radar · Lion Head
Atmosphere Room
Brave Radar · Lion Head
Lion Head
Brave Radar · Lion Head
Look At Me
The Submissives · Betty Told Me
What Does It Mean
Christian Michael Jackson · J'ai Jamais Voté Pour Ça
Summer of 2069
iji · Bubble
The Dories · Outside Observer
Tomato Guitar
Fuzzy P · On A Lawn
You Don't Know
Ellie Greenwich · The Best of the Girl Groups, Vol. 2