Duncan's Donuts Episode January 14, 2016

The Jan 14th, 2016 episode: Farewell to Bowie & Milkin' it with Thom & Akanee

12:02pm - 1:05pm

Thom & Akanee of local happenin' band Milk came by to chat about their new EP "Late Bloomer" and the release party for the tape, happening this Friday. Also, a little tribute to David Bowie. R.I.P. to one of the world's great weirdos.

Track Listing:

Space Oddity
Langley Schools Music Project · Songs of Innocence and Despair
David Bowie · Blackstar
Don't Laugh
Milk · Late Bloomer
Milk · Late Bloomer
Who is Standing Behind the Door
Gal Gracen · Demo
Serfs of Today
Jons · Serfs of Today
Pat's Pub Burnout Blues
Whitney K · Pony
Gossip Saves
Rooms · It Takes a Lot to Show Up
Soft Kill · Heresy
Ride-on Mower
Soft Opening · Soft Offering
Sheer Agony · Masterpiece
We Are Here
Lantern · Black Highways and Green Garden Roads
Darling Corey
Pools · Searchin' For Shakes