Duncan's Donuts Episode October 15, 2015

The October 15th, 2015 episode: SICK!

12:03pm - 1:00pm

So, yes I am physically sick (just a cold, NBD), and sick of what's happened to Canada under the leadership of Harper & the Conservatives. Please help vote him out on Monday, October 19th. Other than that, just a bunch of swell songs today. It was recorded at home, quickly, hence the miscue at the beginning of the Battles song.

Track Listing:

Major General Despair
Crass · Christ: The Album
Orange Light
Cool Ghouls · A Swirling Fire Burning Through The Rye
Cool TV · Paint
Tangled Up in Blue
Bob Dylan · The Blood on the Tracks New York Sessions
John Maus · Rarities for Rough Trade
Election Day
Christian Michael Jackson · J'ai Jamais Voté Pour Ça
Lost My Head There
Kurt Vile · believe i'm going down...
Learn To Swim
Knife Pleats · Hat Bark Beach
Alex G · Beach Music
Summer Simmer
Battles · La Di Da Di
Never Ever Give Up
Kirk the Flirt & Peter Pressure · Physical Therapy Presents...
Let Me Down
Madeira · s/t
Yes We Cannibal
Cult Babies · Off To See the Lizard