Duncan's Donuts Episode August 13, 2015

Broadcast on 13-Aug-2015

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Pavement - Shady Lane / J. vs S. (Brighten the Corners)
Parquet Courts - Borrowed Time (Light Up Gold )
Knife Pleats - Terrible (Hat Bark Beach)
Seapony - Let Go (A Vision)
Moss Lime - Sac-a-Douche (July First)
TV Ugly - QC (UCLA Yankee Cola)
Mega Bog - Aurora/99 (Gone Banana)
Jenny Hval - Sabbath (Apocalypse, girl)
Johnny Zithers - Reactor (XXVII)
Fountain - Two Ugly Doves (Fountain 2)
Painted Fruits - GRK (Fruit Salad)
Jons - Give Her Time (Com Shred I)
Century Palm - Desire (Afterburners Vol 1)
N.213's Group Vision - Onus in Time (s/t)
Jeff Phelps - On the Corner (Magnetic Eyes)

Track Listing:

Shady Lane / J. vs S.
Pavement · Brighten the Corners
borrowed time
parquet courts · light up gold
Knife Pleats · Hat Bark Beach
Let Go
Seapony · A Vision
Moss Lime · July First
TV Ugly · UCLA Yankee Cola
Mega Bog · Gone Banana
Jenny Hval · Apocalypse, girl
Johnny Zithers · XXVII
Two Ugly Doves
Fountain · 2
Painted Fruits · Fruit Salad
Give Her Time
Jons · Com Shred I
Century Palm · Afterburners Vol 1
Onus in Time
N.213's Group Vision · s/t
On the Corner
Jeff Phelps · Magnetic Eyes