Duncan's Donuts Episode August 6, 2015

Broadcast on 06-Aug-2015

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Mourning Coup - I Will Never Die (Baby Blue)
Fake Tears - Night Box (Nightshifting)
Fake Tears - Rite of the First Night (Nightshifting)
Sur Une Plage - Minimum (Legerdemain)
Lower Dens - Sucker's Shangri-La (Escape From Evil)
Wasted Youth - I Wish I Was A Girl (Wild & Wandering)
Love & Rockets - So Alive (s/t)
The Misfits - Cough/Cool (Cough/Cool)
US Girls - Woman's Work (Half Free)
Perfume Genius - Queen (Too Bright)
Pools - Darling Corey (Searchin' For Shakes)

Track Listing:

I Will Never Die
Mourning Coup · Baby Blue
Night Box
Fake Tears · Nightshifting
Rite of the First Night
Fake Tears · Nightshifting
Sur Une Plage · Legerdemain
Sucker's Shangri-La
Lower Dens · Escape From Evil
I Wish I Was A Girl
Wasted Youth · Wild & Wandering
So Alive
Love & Rockets · s/t
The Misfits · Cough/Cool
Woman's Work
US Girls · Half Free
Perfume Genius · Too Bright
Darling Corey
Pools · Searchin' For Shakes