Duncan's Donuts Episode July 30, 2015

Broadcast on 30-Jul-2015

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Morrissey - Boxers (World of Morrissey)
Mourning Coup - EYE'll Be Your Mirror [VU cover] (Demo)
GG Love - History (Demo)
Painted Fruits - Cheap Motel (Fruit Salad)
White Poppy - Mermaids (Natural Phenomena)
Bankrobber - The End (Midjuly)
Reverter - Twiddle My Thumb (But What If I'm Right)
Small Black - Boys Life (Best Blues)
Summer Saints - Take a Day (Habit Life)
Kurt - Becky Cool (Moncton Isn't So Bad)
Nap Eyes - The Night of the First Show (Whine of the Mystic)
MOON - stained glass (s/t)
Fist City - Let's Rip (Everything Is A Mess)
jerk jails - chances are high (demo)
Tanlines - Slipping away (Highlights)

Track Listing:

Morrissey · World of Morrissey
EYE'll Be Your Mirror [VU cover]
Mourning Coup · Demo
GG Love · Demo
Cheap Motel
Painted Fruits · Fruit Salad
White Poppy · Natural Phenomena
The End
Bankrobber · Midjuly
Twiddle My Thumb
Reverter · But What If I'm Right
Boys Life
Small Black · Best Blues
Take a Day
Summer Saints · Habit Life
Becky Cool
Kurt · Moncton Isn't So Bad
The Night of the First Show
Nap Eyes · Whine of the Mystic
stained glass
MOON · s/t
Let's Rip
Fist City · Everything Is A Mess
chances are high
jerk jails · demo
Slipping away
Tanlines · Highlights