Duncan's Donuts Episode May 28, 2015

Broadcast on 28-May-2015

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night (Get Down Saturday Night 12")
Supermoon - Grounded (Comet Lovejoy)
Supermoon - Cowardly (Comet Lovejoy)
Faith Healer - Again (Cosmic Troubles)
Chris-a-riffic - I Can't Carry That (Bible Beats)
Quintron - Ring the Alarm (Sucre du Savage)
Nots - Reactor (We Are Nots)
Vats - Drag (Excessive Days)
Other Jesus - Couch (Hot Heroes comp)
Lié - Overtime (Nite Cassette)
Joanna Gruesome - Honestly Do Yr Worst (Peanut Butter)
Woolworm - Useless (Everything Seems Obvious)
Destroyer - Dream Lover (Poison Season)
Tough Age - Warm Hair (I Get the Feeling Central)

Track Listing:

Get Down Saturday Night
Oliver Cheatham · Get Down Saturday Night 12"
Supermoon · Comet Lovejoy
Supermoon · Comet Lovejoy
Faith Healer · Cosmic Troubles
I Can't Carry That
Chris-a-riffic · Bible Beats
Ring the Alarm
Quintron · Sucre du Savage
Nots · We Are Nots
Vats · Excessive Days
Other Jesus · Hot Heroes comp
Lié · Nite Cassette
Honestly Do Yr Worst
Joanna Gruesome · Peanut Butter
Woolworm · Everything Seems Obvious
Dream Lover
Destroyer · Poison Season
Warm Hair
Tough Age · I Get the Feeling Central