Duncan's Donuts Episode January 22, 2015

Broadcast on 22-Jan-2015

12:00pm - 1:00pm

The Vaselines - Son of A Gun (Live in Bristol) (Enter the Vaselines)
Freak Heat Waves - Comfortable Conversation (Bonnie's state of Mind)
Jack Name - Werewolf Factory (Weird Moons)
Zacht Automaat - We're Not Sorry (Normality Bias)
Weed - Thousand Pounds (Thousand Pounds)
Zen Mystery Fogg - Perfect Rhymes (s/t)
Weird Candle - Night Freak (excerpt) (Regeneration)
Faith Healer - Again (Cosmic Troubles)
Project Pablo - Movin' Out (I Want to Believe)
Moreno Veloso - Em Todo Lugar (Javeline remix) (Coisa Boa)
Shabazz Palaces - Ham Sandwich (Demo)
Sonny & the Sunsets - Happy Carrot Health Food Store (Talent Night at the Ashram)
Sleater-Kinney - Hey Darling (No Cities To Love)

Track Listing:

Son of A Gun (Live in Bristol)
The Vaselines · Enter the Vaselines
Comfortable Conversation
Freak Heat Waves · Bonnie's state of Mind
Werewolf Factory
Jack Name · Weird Moons
We're Not Sorry
Zacht Automaat · Normality Bias
Thousand Pounds
Weed · Thousand Pounds
Perfect Rhymes
Zen Mystery Fogg · s/t
Night Freak (excerpt)
Weird Candle · Regeneration
Faith Healer · Cosmic Troubles
Movin' Out
Project Pablo · I Want to Believe
Em Todo Lugar (Javeline remix)
Moreno Veloso · Coisa Boa
Ham Sandwich
Shabazz Palaces · Demo
Happy Carrot Health Food Store
Sonny & the Sunsets · Talent Night at the Ashram
Hey Darling
Sleater-Kinney · No Cities To Love