Duncan's Donuts Episode December 4, 2014

Broadcast on 04-Dec-2014

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Parquay Quarts - Everyday It Starts (Content Nausea)
Allah-Las - Worship the Sun (Worship the Sun)
Zen Mystery Fogg - Raccoon (Raccoon)
Rec Centre - Monster of the Week (Monster of the Week)
Rec Centre - Wait a Second (Times a Billion)
Candela Farm - Wounded Anenome (DADF#AD)
Imaginary Pants - Creaking Gates (Kites At Night)
Love Cuts - Slip On Through (Love Cuts & Burnt Palms Split Tape)
The Guulps - Microwaved (Live At 5th & Battle)
Cult Babies - On A Roll (Hot Heros comp)
Sleater-Kinney - Surface Envy (No Cities to Love)
Supermoon - Powersuits (Demo)

Track Listing:

Everyday It Starts
Parquay Quarts · Content Nausea
Worship the Sun
Allah-Las · Worship the Sun
Zen Mystery Fogg · Raccoon
Monster of the Week
Rec Centre · Monster of the Week
Wait a Second
Rec Centre · Times a Billion
Wounded Anenome
Candela Farm · DADF#AD
Creaking Gates
Imaginary Pants · Kites At Night
Slip On Through
Love Cuts · Love Cuts & Burnt Palms Split Tape
The Guulps · Live At 5th & Battle
On A Roll
Cult Babies · Hot Heros comp
Surface Envy
Sleater-Kinney · No Cities to Love
Supermoon · Demo