Duncan's Donuts Episode November 20, 2014

Broadcast on 20-Nov-2014

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Deerhoof - Paradise Girls (La Isla Bonita)
Loyal Garner - Shave Ice (Island Feelings)
Energy Slime - Graham Fucks the Queen (New Dimensional)
Slim Twig - Maintain the Charade (A Hound at the Hem)
Babysitter - Cheerleaders (Tape 7)
Moss Lime - Ice Cream Sandwich (July First)
Cool TV - I Can Handle That (I Can Handle That 12")
SLOW LEARNERS - grow on you (grow on you)
Tough Age - My Chinchilla (Hot Heros)
Ok Vancouver Ok - Hologram of Beauty (Influences)
The Mantles - Memory (Memory 7")
Ariel Pink - Dayzed Inn Daydreams (Pom Pom)
Perfume Genius - Put Your Back N 2 It (Put Your Back N 2 It)
Georges Delerue - Catherine et Jim (Music from "The Best of Youth")

Track Listing:

Paradise Girls
Deerhoof · La Isla Bonita
Shave Ice
Loyal Garner · Island Feelings
Graham Fucks the Queen
Energy Slime · New Dimensional
Maintain the Charade
Slim Twig · A Hound at the Hem
Babysitter · Tape 7
Ice Cream Sandwich
Moss Lime · July First
I Can Handle That
Cool TV · I Can Handle That 12"
grow on you
SLOW LEARNERS · grow on you
My Chinchilla
Tough Age · Hot Heros
Hologram of Beauty
Ok Vancouver Ok · Influences
The Mantles · Memory 7"
Dayzed Inn Daydreams
Ariel Pink · Pom Pom
Put Your Back N 2 It
Perfume Genius · Put Your Back N 2 It
Catherine et Jim
Georges Delerue · Music from "The Best of Youth"