Duncan's Donuts Episode October 23, 2014

Broadcast on 23-Oct-2014

12:00pm - 1:00pm

KSFO Radio - Bye Bye Baby (Finally Champions)
The Shangri-Las - The Train to Kansas City (Myrmidons of Melodrama)
Pale Red - Boy Kings (The White Mink)
Supermoon - Burnout of My Dreams (Hot Heroes)
Cave Girl - Kingsway (Not Well, Thank You)
The Drearies - Tits on the Beach (Eugene)
Nots - Decadence (We Are Nots)
Sleater-Kinney - Bury Our Friends (Start Together)
Mega Bog - Aurora/99 (Gone Banana)
Energy Slime - Why U Wanna (New Dimensional)
Dada Plan - Over When You Die (A Dada Plan Is Free)
ok vancouver ok - Building A Way (Influences)
Beat Happening - Don't Mix the Colours (s/t)
Viet Cong - Oxygen Feed (Cassette)
The Blind Shake - Porto Alegre (Key To A False Door)

Track Listing:

Bye Bye Baby
KSFO Radio · Finally Champions
The Train to Kansas City
The Shangri-Las · Myrmidons of Melodrama
Boy Kings
Pale Red · The White Mink
Burnout of My Dreams
Supermoon · Hot Heroes
Cave Girl · Not Well, Thank You
Tits on the Beach
The Drearies · Eugene
Nots · We Are Nots
Bury Our Friends
Sleater-Kinney · Start Together
Mega Bog · Gone Banana
Why U Wanna
Energy Slime · New Dimensional
Over When You Die
Dada Plan · A Dada Plan Is Free
Building A Way
ok vancouver ok · Influences
Don't Mix the Colours
Beat Happening · s/t
Oxygen Feed
Viet Cong · Cassette
Porto Alegre
The Blind Shake · Key To A False Door