Duncan's Donuts Episode July 3, 2014

Broadcast on 03-Jul-2014

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Peaking Lights - Summertime (936)
Renny Wilson - Youngsters (Punk Explosion)
Alvvays - Adult Diversion (s/t)
Dilly Dally - Next Gold (Next Gold)
Prom Body - Never Ever Mind (Naughty by Natural)
Crystal Swells - Harsh Flux (Harsh Side)
Steve Adamyk Band - Suicide (Dial Tone)
cloud nothings - now hear in (here and nowhere else)
Classic Rick - Night Shift (Demos)
Paul McCartney - Monkberry Moon Delight (Ram)
P:ano - Storm the Gates (Demo) (Electricity Records 7")
Mount Eerie - House Shape (Clear Moon)
Plant Magic - Perennial Ambitions (Psych Pop 2)

Track Listing:

Peaking Lights · 936
Renny Wilson · Punk Explosion
Adult Diversion
Alvvays · s/t
Next Gold
Dilly Dally · Next Gold
Never Ever Mind
Prom Body · Naughty by Natural
Harsh Flux
Crystal Swells · Harsh Side
Steve Adamyk Band · Dial Tone
now hear in
cloud nothings · here and nowhere else
Night Shift
Classic Rick · Demos
Monkberry Moon Delight
Paul McCartney · Ram
Storm the Gates (Demo)
P:ano · Electricity Records 7"
House Shape
Mount Eerie · Clear Moon
Perennial Ambitions
Plant Magic · Psych Pop 2