Duncan's Donuts Episode June 26, 2014

Broadcast on 26-Jun-2014

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Alex G - After Ur Gone (DSU)
Sean Nicholas Savage - Bye bye bye (Summer 5000)
Silly Kissers - Treat Me Like You Do (Halloween Summer)
Lab Coast - Don't Wanna See You (Walking on Ayr)
Watermelon - Hell Mouth (Cassette)
Jay Arner - T.S.A.T.S. (T.S.A.T.S.)
lie - overtime (nite cassette)
Tough Age - Hundo (s/t)
Monster Treasure - Alright (Split)
Freak Heat Waves - Birth of Venus (Birth of Venus)
Kicking Giant - Fuck the Rules (Secret Teenage Summer)
Slow Learners - Posturing (Grow On You)
Brave Radar - Too Long Weekend (Message Centre)
Freelove Fenner - Workshop (Fixture Records Compilation No 2)
Sheer Agony - Good Cats Go To Heaven (Sheer Agony 7")

Track Listing:

After Ur Gone
Alex G · DSU
Bye bye bye
Sean Nicholas Savage · Summer 5000
Treat Me Like You Do
Silly Kissers · Halloween Summer
Don't Wanna See You
Lab Coast · Walking on Ayr
Hell Mouth
Watermelon · Cassette
Jay Arner · T.S.A.T.S.
lie · nite cassette
Tough Age · s/t
Monster Treasure · Split
Birth of Venus
Freak Heat Waves · Birth of Venus
Fuck the Rules
Kicking Giant · Secret Teenage Summer
Slow Learners · Grow On You
Too Long Weekend
Brave Radar · Message Centre
Freelove Fenner · Fixture Records Compilation No 2