Duncan's Donuts Episode June 19, 2014

Broadcast on 19-Jun-2014

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Stevie Dinner - Card Declined for Pizza & Wine (~Mystery Flavor~)
Blood Orange - You're Not Good Enough (Cupid Deluxe)
Electric Light Orchestra - Evil Woman (Face The Music)
The Shilohs - Student of Nature (s/t)
Donovan Blanc - Minha Menina (Donovan Blanc)
Alex Calder - Life Purpose (Feat. Caitlin Loney) (Strange Dreams)
Brave Parents - Don't Ask (Someone To Jump Out At You)
B-Lines - Opening Band (Opening Band)
Freak Heat Waves - Void Air Lashing (Birth of Venus)
Open Relationship - PUBLIC (BORN WEIRD)
Fountain - Jesus '99 (s/t)
The Bloggers - Maps of the Stars (Sign of the Times)

Track Listing:

Card Declined for Pizza & Wine
Stevie Dinner · ~Mystery Flavor~
You're Not Good Enough
Blood Orange · Cupid Deluxe
Evil Woman
Electric Light Orchestra · Face The Music
Student of Nature
The Shilohs · s/t
Minha Menina
Donovan Blanc · Donovan Blanc
Life Purpose (Feat. Caitlin Loney)
Alex Calder · Strange Dreams
Don't Ask
Brave Parents · Someone To Jump Out At You
Opening Band
B-Lines · Opening Band
Void Air Lashing
Freak Heat Waves · Birth of Venus
Open Relationship · BORN WEIRD
Jesus '99
Fountain · s/t
Maps of the Stars
The Bloggers · Sign of the Times