Duncan's Donuts Episode March 27, 2014

Broadcast on 27-Mar-2014

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Quix*O*Tic - Ice Cream Sundae (Mortal Mirror)
Soft Serve - Words For Others (s/t)
Watermelon - Michael (Cassette)
Role Mach - Hobgoblin Blues (Holy Shades of Night)
Boutaiba Sghir - Malgre Tout (1970's Algerian Proto-Rai Underground)
Fikret Kızılok ‎– Kırlangıç Şarkısı (Not Defterimden)
Ennio Morricone - Title Theme (Face To Face OST)
Wings Hausser - Neon Smile (Vice Squad OST)
Role Mach - Sun Yat Sen (Bloodstains Across BC)
Nu Sensae - Tea Swamp Park (Bloodstains Across BC)
OK Vancouver OK - Buildings (Escape the common people)
Role Mach - Shanklin Down (Travels in the Interior Districts)

Track Listing:

Ice Cream Sundae
Quix*O*Tic · Mortal Mirror
Words For Others
Soft Serve · s/t
Watermelon · Cassette
Hobgoblin Blues
Role Mach · Holy Shades of Night
Malgre Tout
Boutaiba Sghir · 1970's Algerian Proto-Rai Underground
Title Theme
Ennio Morricone · Face To Face
Neon Smile
Wings Hausser · Vice Squad OST
Sun Yat Sen
Role Mach · Bloodstains Across BC
Tea Swamp Park
Nu Sensae · Bloodstains Across BC
OK Vancouver OK · Escape the common people
Shanklin Down
Role Mach · Travels in the Interior Districts