Duncan's Donuts Episode March 13, 2014

Broadcast on 13-Mar-2014

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Thanks to everyone who supported us during the FunDrive. You guys rule!

Defektors - Far Away (LP 2014)
The Plodes - I Keep Thinking I See Deer (Live on CiTR)
The Plodes - Dogs Become Animals (Live on CiTR)
The Plodes - Horses and Gasoline (Live on CiTR)
We Found A Lovebird - The Biggest of Chunks (Let's Start The War)
Bankrobber - JD (Life's Nutso)
Fake Tears - Nightbox (Fake Tears)
Shimmering Stars - Fangs (demo) (Lost & Found Sounds)
Angel Olsen - Unfucktheworld (Burn Your Fire For No Witness)
Ex Hex - Hot and Cold (Hot and Cold)
Frankie Cosmos - Owen (Zentropy)
Abramson Singers - Lose-Lose (Lose-Lose)
Thee Ahs - Does It Still Count? (Corey's Coathangers)

Track Listing:

Far Away
Defektors · LP 2014
I Keep Thinking I See Deer
The Plodes · Live on CiTR
Dogs Become Animals
The Plodes · Live on CiTR
Horses and Gasoline
The Plodes · Live on CiTR
The Biggest of Chunks
We Found A Lovebird · Let's Start The War
Bankrobber · Life's Nutso
Fake Tears · Fake Tears
Fangs (demo)
Shimmering Stars · Lost & Found Sounds
Angel Olsen · Burn Your Fire For No Witness
Hot and Cold
Ex Hex · Hot and Cold
Frankie Cosmos · Zentropy
Abramson Singers · Lose-Lose
Does It Still Count?
Thee Ahs · Corey's Coathangers