Duncan's Donuts Episode January 30, 2014

Broadcast on 30-Jan-2014

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Mac Demarco - Passing Out Pieces (Salad Days)
Un Blonde - Spine (s/t)
Cool - Green (Paint)
Role Mach - Hobgoblins (Holy Shades of Night)
Cadillac Spring - The Mysteries of 1000 Hairdressers (s/t)
Spring - Follow (Demo)
La Luz - Sure as Spring (Damp Face)
Pups - Cement (s/t)
tough age - we're both to blame (s/t)
The Courtneys - Lost Boys (Lost Boys)
Shimmering Stars - Shadow Visions (Shadow Visions)
herald nix - mais oui (east van special blend)
androgynous mind - knock on my door (nightstalker)
Flash Palace - Combined (Ceiling All)
Pete Seeger - Do As The Doukhobors Do (Best of Broadside 1962-1988)

Track Listing:

Passing Out Pieces
Mac Demarco · Salad Days
Un Blonde · s/t
Cool · Paint
Role Mach · Holy Shades of Night
The Mysteries of 1000 Hairdressers
Cadillac Spring · s/t
Spring · Demo
Sure as Spring
La Luz · Damp Face
Pups · s/t
we're both to blame
tough age · s/t
Lost Boys
The Courtneys · Lost Boys
Shadow Visions
Shimmering Stars · Shadow Visions
mais oui
herald nix · east van special blend
knock on my door
androgynous mind · nightstalker
Flash Palace · Ceiling All
Do As The Doukhobors Do
Pete Seeger · Best of Broadside 1962-1988