Duncan's Donuts Episode January 9, 2014

Broadcast on 09-Jan-2014

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Damaged Bug - Eggs At Night (Hubba Bubba)
Silver Apples - Program (s/t)
Cool - Blue (Paint)
Saint Pepsi - Better (Better)
Spring - Yer Chimurenga (Yer Chimurenga)
Stephen Malkmus - J Smoov (Wig Out at Jagbags)
Prom Body - Truth or Dare (Creep The Strange)
Dog Day - Sandwich (Fade Out)
Trust - Rescue, Mister (Joyland)
Glass Candy - Warm in the Winter (After Dark 2)
Chain & the Gang - Surprise Party (In Cool Blood)
The Shivas - Whiteout (Whiteout)
Sheer Agony - Fizzical Lime (Fixture Records Sampler)

Track Listing:

Eggs At Night
Damaged Bug · Hubba Bubba
Silver Apples · s/t
Cool · Paint
Saint Pepsi · Better
Yer Chimurenga
Spring · Yer Chimurenga
J Smoov
Stephen Malkmus · Wig Out at Jagbags
Truth or Dare
Prom Body · Creep The Strange
Dog Day · Fade Out
Rescue, Mister
Trust · Joyland
Warm in the Winter
Glass Candy · After Dark 2
Surprise Party
Chain & the Gang · In Cool Blood
The Shivas · Whiteout
Fizzical Lime
Sheer Agony · Fixture Records Sampler