Duncan's Donuts Episode January 2, 2014

Broadcast on 02-Jan-2014

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Beach House - New Year (Bloom)
Himalayan Bear - It's New Year's Day, Now Go To Sleep (Lo Lonesome Island)
Swan Lake - All Fires (Beat Moans)
Blackout Beach - Be Forewarned, The Night has Come (Fuck Death)
King Krule - Easy Easy (6 Feet Beneath the Moon)
Huge Face - Jenny, Please (s/t)
Los Downtown Boys - Slumlord Sal (s/t)
Takashi Miyaki - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings (Under Cover)
Cosmetics - Heartbeat (Olympia EP)
ZOO - Softcore (Demo)
Mode Moderne - She, Untamed (Occult Delighjt)
old and weird - judy cool (judy cool)
Cold Warps - Don't Haunt Me, Ok? (Noyce Records Single Series)
Doug Mason - Boogazi (Noyce Records Single Series)
New Fries - Anni Albers (s/t)

Track Listing:

New Year
Beach House · Bloom
It's New Year's Day, Now Go To Sleep
Himalayan Bear · Lo Lonesome Island
All Fires
Swan Lake · Beat Moans
Be Forewarned, The Night has Come
Blackout Beach · Fuck Death
Easy Easy
King Krule · 6 Feet Beneath the Moon
Jenny, Please
Huge Face · s/t
Slumlord Sal
Los Downtown Boys · s/t
Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
Takashi Miyaki · Under Cover
Cosmetics · Olympia EP
ZOO · Demo
She, Untamed
Mode Moderne · Occult Delighjt
judy cool
old and weird · judy cool
Don't Haunt Me, Ok?
Cold Warps · Noyce Records Single Series
Doug Mason · Noyce Records Single Series
Anni Albers
New Fries · s/t