Duncan's Donuts Episode November 28, 2013

Broadcast on 28-Nov-2013

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Wetface - New Love (Demo)
V Vecker Ensemble - In The Tower Side A (In The Tower)
UJ3RK5 - Eisenhower and the Hippies (s/t)
Jay Arner - Sink Don't Swim (Ketamines remix) (Demo)
Renny Wilson - Lady Pain (Jay Arner remix) (Demo)
Chris Mastheim - Christmastime Is Here (Chris Mastheim Is Here)
Shawn Mrazek Lives! - Forget The Past (Thought He Was Dead)
The Evaporators - Ripple Rock (Ripple Rock)
Tough Age - Coffin Foam (s/t)
Sean Nicholas savage - you changed me (other life)
Rec Centre - Wait a Second (Times a Billion)
William Onyeabor - Good Name (Who Is William Onyeabor?)

Track Listing:

New Love
Wetface · Demo
In The Tower Side A
V Vecker Ensemble · In The Tower
Eisenhower and the Hippies
UJ3RK5 · s/t
Sink Don't Swim (Ketamines remix)
Jay Arner · Demo
Lady Pain (Jay Arner remix)
Renny Wilson · Demo
Christmastime Is Here
Chris Mastheim · Chris Mastheim Is Here
Forget The Past
Shawn Mrazek Lives! · Thought He Was Dead
Ripple Rock
The Evaporators · Ripple Rock
Coffin Foam
Tough Age · s/t
you changed me
Sean Nicholas savage · other life
Wait a Second
Rec Centre · Times a Billion
Good Name
William Onyeabor · Who Is William Onyeabor?