Duncan's Donuts Episode October 31, 2013

Broadcast on 31-Oct-2013

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Thee Cormans - Open The Gate-Halloween Record
No Kids - For Halloween-Come Into My House
No Kids - For Halloween (D's Ds [c]re[ep]mix)-Come Into My (Haunted) House
North American Halloween Prevetion Initiative - Do They Know It's Halloween?-Do They Know It's Halloween?
The Shaggs - It's Halloween-Philosophy of the World
Hot Blood - Soul Dracula-Soul Dracula
Bauhaus + Disneyland - Haunted Bela-Mashup
Beat Happening - Pyjama Party in a Haunted Hive-Black Candy
John Maus - The Fear-A Collection of Rarities..
Jay Holy - Skeletal (Moog Abductor)-Skeletor
Apollo Ghosts - Nightwitch-Kingfisher Bluez Singles Series
Korean Gut - The Creeper-Your Misery, Our Benefit
Half Japanese - Firecracker-Greatest Hits
Demon Skull - Vampire Covent-Vancouver Special
The Ventures - Fear (Main Title from "One Step Beyond")-Trick or Treat,Vol 7
The Poets - Dead-Trick or Treat,Vol 7
Zacherle - Dinner with Dracula-Lux & Ivy's Favourites
Ghouls - Be True To Your Ghoul-Dracula's Deuce

Track Listing:

Open The Gate
Thee Cormans · Halloween Record
For Halloween
No Kids · Come Into My House
For Halloween (D's Ds [c]re[ep]mix)
No Kids · Come Into My (Haunted) House
Do They Know It's Halloween?
North American Halloween Prevetion Initiative · Do They Know It's Halloween?
It's Halloween
The Shaggs · Philosophy of the World
Soul Dracula
Hot Blood · Soul Dracula
Haunted Bela
Bauhaus + Disneyland · Mashup
Pyjama Party in a Haunted Hive
Beat Happening · Black Candy
The Fear
John Maus · A Collection of Rarities..
Skeletal (Moog Abductor)
Jay Holy · Skeletor
Apollo Ghosts · Kingfisher Bluez Singles Series
the creeper
korean gut · your misery, our benefit
Half Japanese · Greatest Hits
Vampire Covent
Demon Skull · Vancouver Special
Fear (Main Title from "One Step Beyond")
The Ventures · Trick or Treat,Vol 7
The Poets · Trick or Treat,Vol 7
Dinner with Dracula
Zacherle · Lux & Ivy's Favourites
Be True To Your Ghoul
Ghouls · Dracula's Deuce