Duncan's Donuts Episode September 26, 2013

Broadcast on 26-Sep-2013

12:00pm - 1:00pm

The Kinks - Autumn Almanac (Kinks Kontroversy)
Bill Callahan - Javelin Unlanded (Dream River)
Neo Boys - Give Me The Message (Sooner or Later)
U.S. Girls - Overtime (Free Advice Column)
The Shangri-Las - He Cried (Mymidons of Melancholia)
The Blow - From The Future (s/t)
Cleopatra & the Nile - Boom Box (Nightmare Tropics)
Monomyth - Vision (s/t)
Cult Babies - Minokawa (s/t)
soft serve - sink deep (sink deep)
The Herms - The Organization (Tascam Demo) (Drop Out Vol 1)
KoKo - Ode to the Old Ways (KoKo/Sharing)
Lab Coast - Don't Wanna See You (Walking on Ayr)
Fuzz - Loose Sutres (s/t)

Track Listing:

Autumn Almanac
The Kinks · Kinks Kontroversy
Javelin Unlanded
Bill Callahan · Dream River
Give Me The Message
Neo Boys · Sooner or Later
U.S. Girls · Free Advice Column
He Cried
The Shangri-Las · Mymidons of Melancholia
From The Future
The Blow · s/t
Boom Box
Cleopatra & the Nile · Nightmare Tropics
Monomyth · s/t
Cult Babies · s/t
sink deep
soft serve · sink deep
The Organization (Tascam Demo)
The Herms · Drop Out Vol 1
Ode to the Old Ways
KoKo · KoKo/Sharing
Don't Wanna See You
Lab Coast · Walking on Ayr
Loose Sutres
Fuzz · s/t