Duncan's Donuts Episode August 22, 2013

Broadcast on 22-Aug-2013

12:00pm - 1:00pm

The Brogues - I Ain't No Miracle Worker (Nuggets)
Girls - Lust For Life (s/t)
Fleetwood Mac - The Ledge (Tusk)
Reverter - No More Haircuts (Kingfisher Bluez singles)
Imaginary Pants - Bus Driver (s/t)
Hot Tears - Fight (s/t)
Jay Holy - Into The Void (Dyatlov Pass)
Part Time - Night Drive (PDA)
Drew Price's Bermuda Triangle - Login* (Friends & Family)
Coach Longlegs - Everyone Is In Charge of Themselves (No Dogs At Shows)
Cousins - River (Split 7")
Breeze - Paradise (In A While) (Paradise)
Cindy Lee - Promise of Loneliness (Tatlashea)
White Poppy - Without Answers (s/t)
HAIM - The Wire (The Wire)

Track Listing:

I Ain't No Miracle Worker
The Brogues · Nuggets
Lust For Life
Girls · s/t
The Ledge
Fleetwood Mac · Tusk
No More Haircuts
Reverter · Kingfisher Bluez singles
Bus Driver
Imaginary Pants · s/t
Hot Tears · s/t
Into The Void
Jay Holy · Dyatlov Pass
Night Drive
Part Time · PDA
Drew Price's Bermuda Triangle · Friends & Family
Everyone Is In Charge of Themselves
Coach Longlegs · No Dogs At Shows
Cousins · Split 7"
Paradise (In A While)
Breeze · Paradise
Promise of Loneliness
Cindy Lee · Tatlashea
Without Answers
White Poppy · s/t
The Wire
HAIM · The Wire