Duncan's Donuts Episode June 6, 2013

Broadcast on 06-Jun-2013

12:00pm - 1:00pm

The podcast server got drunk, so this podcast is a little messed up. Thanks for sticking with it.

What's Hot! - Bears
s.t.ö.r.c. - Me & My Bowflex
White Poppy - Mirage Man
Watermelon - Holy Water
Crystal Swells - Waco, Wasilla, Waikiki
The Courtneys - Manion
Young Braised - Loved & Lost
Spring Break - Is This Love
Imaginary Pants - Channels
Soft Serve - Sink Deep
Bad News Babysitters - Talk To Strangers
Open Relationship - Open Relationship
Defektors - Doomsday Girl
Lié - Nite
Lunchlady - I Wanna Be The Girl On Yr Arm
Jay Arner - Bad Friend 2
Gal Gracen - ∞

Track Listing:

What's Hot! · Demo
Me & My Bowflex
storc · s/t
Mirage Man
White Poppy · Kingfisher Bluez Single-Side Series
Holy Water
Watermelon · Cassette
Waco, Wasilla, Waikiki
Crystal Swells · Goethe Head Soup
The Courtneys · s/t
Loved & Lost
Young Braised · Big Trouble In Little China
Is This Love
Spring Break · Is This Love
Imaginary Pants · Channels 7"
Sink Deep
Soft Serve · Demo
talk to strangers
bad news babysitters · demo
Open Relationship
Open Relationship · Born Weird
Doomsday Girl
Defektors · Doomsday Girl 7"
lie · Nite
I Wanna Be The Girl On Yr Arm
Lunchlady · I Wanna Be The Girl On Yr Arm
Bad Friend 2
Jay Arner · Pop Alliance 3 comp