Duncan's Donuts Episode March 7, 2013

Broadcast on 07-Mar-2013

12:00pm - 1:00pm

The Courtneys - 90210 (Pop Alliance Vol 3)
Fanshaw - Off/On (Pop Alliance Vol 3)
Kellarissa - Old Money (Moon of Neptune)
The Lost Lovers Brigade - Lonely Neighbours (Little Skeletons)
To Bad Catholics - Glitter & Gold (Mallorytown)
Synthcake - House Love Ground (Musicophilia)
Kidnap Kids - Seeds (Pop Alliance Vol 1)
Brave Irene - Longest Day (s/t)
White Lung - Magazines (Magazines)
Nü Sensae - Spit Gifting (Sundowning)
The Ahhhs - Sour Candy (Future Without Her)
Yung Mums - BC Budz (s/t)
What's Hot! - We Are What's Hot! (Demo)

Track Listing:

The Courtneys · Pop Alliance Vol 3
Fanshaw · Pop Alliance Vol 3
Old Money
Kellarissa · Moon of Neptune
Lonely Neighbours
The Lost Lovers Brigade · Little Skeletons
Glitter & Gold
To Bad Catholics · Mallorytown
house love ground
synthcake · musicophilia
Kidnap Kids · Pop Alliance Vol 1
Longest Day
Brave Irene · s/t
White Lung · Magazines
Spit Gifting
Nü Sensae · Sundowning
Sour Candy
The Ahhhs · Future Without Her
bc budz
yung mums · s/t
We Are What's Hot!
What's Hot! · Demo