Duncan's Donuts Episode November 1, 2012

Broadcast on 01-Nov-2012

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Cat Power - Manhattan (Sun)
Cat Power - Hard Time In New York Town (Peel Sessions)
Role Mach - Black Manhattan (Lamerica)
Makeout Videotape - I Guess The Lord Must Be in New York City (Heat Wave)
Gal Gracen - Infinity (CiTR Pop Alliance Vol 3)
Death - Politicians In My Eyes (...For the Whole World To See)
Big Boys - Brickwall (American Hardcore)
Pointed Sticks - The Marching Song (Vancouver Complication)
Needles//Pins - I Heart Your Drugs (12:34)
The Ballantynes - Misery (Misery)
The Maxines - Hang Around (Drugstore EP)
SF Giants - Bye Bye Baby (Finally Champions)
Terry Malts - In The Waiting Room (Finally Champions)
Dominant Legs - Finally Champions (Finally Champions)

Track Listing:

Cat Power · Sun
Hard Time In New York Town
Cat Power · Peel Sessions
Black Manhattan
Role Mach · Lamerica
I Guess The Lord Must Be in New York City
Makeout Videotape · Heat Wave
Gal Gracen · CiTR Pop Alliance Vol 3
Politicians In My Eyes
Death · ...For the Whole World To See
Big Boys · American Hardcore
the marching song
pointed sticks · vancouver complication
I Heart Your Drugs
Needles//Pins · 12:34
The Ballantynes · Misery
Hang Around
The Maxines · Drugstore EP
Bye Bye Baby
SF Giants · Finally Champions
In The Waiting Room
Terry Malts · Finally Champions
Finally Champions
Dominant Legs · Finally Champions