Duncan's Donuts Episode August 9, 2012

Broadcast on 09-Aug-2012

12:00pm - 1:01pm

Watermelon - Sunburn (...AND MEET THE SUN (live))
Grimes - Devon (Halfaxa)
The Mouthbreathers - Birthdays (Appetite for Deconstruction)
Cold Warps - Who Cares, I Guess (Endless Bummer)
Pizza Sub - Common Cold (s/t)
Thee Oh Sees - Flood's New Light (Putrifiers ll)
Lower Dens - Candy (Nootropics)
Expwy - Porthole Marriage Dance (I Love Montreal) (EP)
Blackout Beach - Deserter's Song (Fuck Death)
White Poppy - Wish & Wonder (I Had A Dream)
Peace - I Forget (Sow Children)
Chains of Love - Lies Lies Lies (Strange Grey Days)
Tyranahorse - Rumble Tumble (Garbage Bears)
Aaron Read - Womalamb/teeth are all somewhere (Total Trash)
Fresh & Onlys - Diamond In The Dark (August In My Mind)
Purity Ring - Ungirthed (Shrines)
White Denim - Darlene (Takes Place in your Work Space)

Track Listing:

Watermelon · ...AND MEET THE SUN (live)
Grimes · Halfaxa
The Mouthbreathers · Appetite for Deconstruction
Who Cares, I Guess
Cold Warps · Endless Bummer
Common Cold
Pizza Sub · s/t
Flood's New Light
Thee Oh Sees · Putrifiers ll
Lower Dens · Nootropics
Porthole Marriage Dance (I Love Montreal)
Expwy · EP
Deserter's Song
Blackout Beach · Fuck Death
wish & wonder
white poppy · i had a dream
I Forget
Peace · Sow Children
Lies Lies Lies
Chains of Love · Strange Grey Days
Rumble Tumble
Tyranahorse · Garbage Bears
Womalamb/teeth are all somewhere
Aaron Read · Total Trash
Diamond in the Dark
Fresh & Onlys · August in My Mind
Purity Ring · Shrines
White Denim · Takes Place in your Work Space