Duncan's Donuts Episode July 19, 2012

Broadcast on 19-Jul-2012

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Jason Zumpano - Dododonuts (Cartoon College OST)
John Maus - Benington (A Collection of Rarities)
Crystal Stilts - Dark Eyes (Radiant Door EP)
The Dirty Projectors - Two Doves (Bitte Orca)
Aaron Read - Gole Head (Bubble Skulls)
Mac DeMarco - European Vegas (Rock And Roll Night Club)
Tyranahorse - AA Foreplay (Garbage Bears)
Tyranahorse - Out of Control (Garbage Bears)
Tyranahorse - Rumble Tumble (Garbage Bears)
Tyranahorse - Joy Wolf (ghostwolfmotherhawk: prairieunicornlionlioness)

Track Listing:

Jason Zumpano · Cartoon College OST
John Maus · A Collection of Rarities
Dark Eyes
Crystal Stilts · Radiant Door EP
Two Doves
The Dirty Projectors · Bitte Orca
Gole Head
Aaron Read · Bubble Skulls
European Vegas
Mac Demarco · Rock and Roll Night Club
AA Foreplay
Tyranahorse · Garbage Bears
Out of Control
Tyranahorse · Garbage Bears
Rumble Tumble
Tyranahorse · Garbage Bears
Joy Wolf
Tyranahorse · ghostwolfmotherhawk: prairieunicornlionlioness