Duncan's Donuts Episode June 21, 2012

Broadcast on 21-Jun-2012

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Cat Power, Ruin
Mount Eerie, Lone Bell
The Microphones, Where It's Hotter Pt 3
Slanted Baby, The Ball of Towns
Richard Catwrangleur, What's It All About
Milky Wimpshake, Lemonade
Brave Irene, Longest Day
Chris-A-Riffic, I Can't Carry That
Ok Vancouver Ok, Note Book
Friends, I'm His Girl
Dreamboat, Patterns
Liars, No. 1 Against the Rush
No Gold, Pond ed

Track Listing:

Cat Power · Sun
Lone Bell
Mount Eerie · Clear Moon
Where It's Hotter Pt 3
The Microphones · Don't Wake Me Up
The Ball of Towns
Slanted Baby · R3
What's It All About
Richard Catwrangleur · House of the Spirit-Wrestler
Milky Wimpshake · Lovers Not Fighters
Longest Day
Brave Irene · s/t
I Can't Carry That
Chris-A-Riffic · Bible Beats
Note Book
Ok Vancouver Ok · Escape the Common People
I'm His Girl
Friends · I'm His Girl 7"
Dreamboat · Buddies
No. 1 Against the Rush
Liars · WIXIW
Pond ed
No Gold · New Recipe