Duncan's Donuts Episode June 7, 2012

Broadcast on 07-Jun-2012

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Pre-recorded, hence some mistakes were made. And maybe the talking's too quiet? See you at the WASTE!

Peace, Saturday Night
B-Lines, Tell Me
Hemogoblin, Gingerbread Man
Capitol 6, Cold Ride
Juice, Waterbed
Shilohs, Get Ready Now
Bleating Hearts, Walls Come Tumbling Down
Defektors, Doomsday Girl
Jay Arner, Bad Friend
Ketamines, Line By Line
Slam Dunk, Last Shmaltz
Real Boys, Vacation
Korean Gut, Gin Gold
The Ballantynes, The Message
Pleasure Cruise, Weeks & Months
Weed, Ben's Tour
Village, Nowhere
Each Other, Sit Still

Track Listing:

Saturday Night
Peace · Slow Children
Tell Me
B-Lines · Tell Me
Gingerbread Man
Hemogoblin · Musty Basement
Cold Ride
Capitol 6 · Pretty Lost
Juice · Consent Mixtape
Get Ready Now
Shilohs · So Wild
Walls Come Tumbling Down
Bleating Hearts · s/t
doomsday girl
defektors · doomsday girl
Bad Friend
Jay Arner · Bad Friend
Line By Line
Ketamines · Spaced Out
Last Shmaltz
Slam Dunk · New Album
Real Boys · s/t
Gin Gold
Korean Gut · Your Misery, Our Benefit
The Message
The Ballantynes · The Message
Weeks & Months
Pleasure Cruise · Business Or...
ben's tour
weed · gun control
Village · s/t
Sit Still
Each Other · Traces to Nowhere