Duncan's Donuts Episode May 10, 2012

Broadcast on 10-May-2012

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Chain & the Gang, Surprise Party
The Make-Up, Caught Up In the Rapture
Hive Dwellers, Somebody's Phone is Ringing
Apollo Ghosts, Weekend Fantasy
Aaron Read, Gold Head
Shearing Pinx, Suddenly sound
Kellarissa, Blood + Sand
Seapony, With You
PEACE, The Dark
Ty Segall Band, Wave Goodbye
Bad Channels, Dripping Pan
Pleasure Cruise, Weeks & Months
Yacht, Le Goudron
The Passenger, Planetarium
Beastie Boys, Sure Shot

Track Listing:

Surprise Party
Chain & the Gang · In Cool Blood
Caught Up In the Rapture
The Make-Up · In Mass Mind
Somebody's Phone is Ringing
Hive Dwellers · Hewn From the Wilderness
Weekend Fantasy
Apollo Ghosts · Landmark
gold head
aaron read · bubble skulls
suddenly sound
shearing pinx · rituals
Blood + Sand
Kellarissa · Moon of Neptune
With You
Seapony · Go With Me
The Dark
PEACE · My Face
Wave Goodbye
Ty Segall Band · Slaughterhouse
Dripping Pan
Bad Channels · TV Drippings
Weeks & Months
Pleasure Cruise · Business Or...
Le Goudron
Yacht · Le Goudron
The Passenger · _|
Sure Shot
Beastie Boys · Ill Communication