Duncan's Donuts Episode April 5, 2012

Broadcast on 05-Apr-2012

12:00pm - 1:00pm

John Maus, No Title (Molly)
The Dirty Projectors, The Gun Has No Trigger
Great Lake Swimmers, The Great Exhale
The Pack AD, Sirens
Three Inches of Blood, My Sword Will Not Sleep
Scissor Sisters, Filthy Gorgeous
Phil Dickson, Nothin But Love
Anna Karina, Roller Girl
Chromatics, Kill for love

Track Listing:

No Title (Molly)
John Maus · Smuggler's Way
The Gun Has No Trigger
The Dirty Projectors · Swing Lo Magellan
The Great Exhale
Great Lake Swimmers · New Wild Everywhere
The Pack AD · Unpersons
My Sword Will Not Sleep
Three Inches of Blood · Long Live Heavy Metal
Filthy Gorgeous
Scissor Sisters · s/t
Nothin But Love
Phil Dickson · Play
Roller Girl
Anna Karina · Hot Pants
kill for love
Chromatics · kill for love