Duncan's Donuts Episode March 29, 2012

Broadcast on 29-Mar-2012

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Village: villagevillage.bandcamp.com

Weed, Amber
Village, Nowhere
Village, Claustro
Village, Stranger Thoughts
Sun Wizard, The World’s Got A Handle
Man Your Horse, Breakfast For Dinner
Sleuth, Comme Des Garcons
The Adulthood, Go where I wanna go
Count Oak, Buried Under Maybes
Village, Blankets
Brad Dunn, Inside Out Words

Track Listing:

Weed · Gun Control EP
Village · s/t
Village · s/t
Stranger Thoughts
Village · s/t
The World's Got A Handle
Sun Wizard · Positively 4th Avenue
Breakfast For Dinner
Man Your Horse · Shorts EP
Comme Des Garcons
Sleuth · Brave Knew Nothing
Go where I wanna go
The Adulthood · Demo
Buried Under Maybes
Count Oak · Soundcloud
Village · Blankets
Inside Out Words
Brad Dunn · Soundcloud