Duncan's Donuts Episode January 12, 2012

Broadcast on 12-Jan-2012

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Johnny Payne, Green & Gold
July 4th Toilet, Hello Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
Blouse, Into Black
Grimes, Genesis
Sean Nicholas Savage, Chin Chin
The Magnetic Fields, Andrew In Drag
Hospitality, Eighth Avenue
Sleigh Bells, Born to Lose
Teen Daze, Let’s Groove
Mac DeMarco, Baby’s Wearin’ Blue Jeans
Sex Church, Dull Light
Himalayan Bear, Hard Times
Tennis, Origins
Jay-Z, Glory (feat B.I.C.)

Track Listing:

Green & Gold
Johnny Payne · Light Organ Records: With Bells On!
Hello Rock 'n' Roll Star
July 4th Toilet · Vancouver Special
Into Black
Blouse · s/t
Grimes · Visions
Chin Chin
Sean Nicholas Savage · Flamingo
Andrew In Drag
The Magnetic Fields · Love At the Bottom of the Sea
Eighth Avenue
Hospitality · s/t
Born to Lose
Sleigh Bells · Reign of Terror
Let's Groove
Teen Daze · All of Us, Together
Baby's Wearin' Blue Jeans
Mac DeMarco · Rock 'n' Roll Nightclub
Dull Light
Sex Church · Growing Over
hard times
himalayan bear · hard times
Tennis · Young and Old
Glory (feat B.I.C.)
Jay-Z · Glory