Duncan's Donuts Episode January 5, 2012

Broadcast on 05-Jan-2012

12:00pm - 1:00pm

John Maus, Quantum Leap
Babysitter, Gotta Be Me, Gotta Be Free
Korean Gut, Your Misery, Our Benefit
Weed, With Drug
Sean Nicholas Savage, Can’t Get My Mind Off You
No Gold Weird Week
Kellarissa, Moon of Neptune
Apollo Ghosts, Lightweight
PEACE, The Dark
Silver Shampoo, Jethro Skull
Black Lips, Raw Meat
Slim Twig, Priscilla
Yacht, I Walked Alone
Tennis, Pigeon Cape Dory
Eleanor Friedberger, I Won’t Fall Apart On You Tonight

Thanks again to CJ for the three week fill-in!

Track Listing:

Quantum Leap
John Maus · We Must Become The Pitiless Censors
Gotta Be Me, Gotta Be Free
Babysitter · Tape V
Your Misery, Our Benefit
Korean Gut · Your Misery, Our Benefit
with drug
weed · with drug/eighty EP
Can't Get My Mind Off You
Sean Nicholas Savage · Trippple Midnight Karma
Weird Week
No Gold · s/t
Moon of Neptune
Kellarissa · Moon of Neptune
Apollo Ghosts · Money Has No Heart
The Dark
PEACE · My Face
Jethro Skull
Silver Shampoo · Higher and Higher
Raw Meat
Black Lips · Arabia Mountain
Slim Twig · Palmist Split 12"
I Walked Alone
Yacht · Shangri-La
Tennis · Cape Dory
I Won't Fall Apart On You Tonight
Eleanor Friedberger · Last Summer