Duncan's Donuts Episode November 10, 2011

Broadcast on 10-Nov-2011

12:00pm - 1:05pm

The Hombres, Let It All Hang Out
The Shilohs, Get Ready Now
Blackout Beach, Beautiful Burning Desire
Wounded Lion, Roman Values
Thee Oh Sees, Chem-Farmer
Pierced Arrows, Tripped Out
needles//pins, like an idiot
Babysitter, Real Wild Child's Gone Totally Mild
Babysitter, I Gotta Be Me, I Gotta Be Free
Babysitter, Prime of My Life, CD, false, true, true, true, false
Mount Eerie, Distorted Cymbals
Chrismas, Pyong
Hive Dwellers, Dub the Swan
Wild Flag, Boom
The Beets, Friends of Friends
Tune-Yards, Doorstep

Track Listing:

Let It All Hang Out
The Hombres · Nuggets
Get Ready Now
The Shilohs · So Wild
Beautiful Burning Desire
Blackout Beach · Fuck Death
Roman Values
Wounded Lion · IVXLCDM
Thee Oh Sees · Carrion Crawler/The Dream
Tripped Out
Pierced Arrows · Descending Shadows
like an idiot
needles//pins · first world problems
Ral Wild Child's Gone Totally Mild
Babysitter · Tape III
I Gotta Be Me, I Gotta Be Free
Babysitter · Tape V
Prime of My Life
Babysitter · Tape V
Distorted Cymbals
Mount Eerie · Distorted Cymbals
Chrismas · Pyong
Dub the Swan
Hive Dwellers · Lynch the Swan
Wild Flag · s/t
Friends of Friends
The Beets · Let The Poison Out
Tune-Yards · W H O K I L L