Duncan's Donuts Episode October 20, 2011

Broadcast on 20-Oct-2011

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Friends, I'm His Girl
Handsome Boy Modelling School feat. Chan Marshall, I've Been Thinking
Slow Learners, The Grocery Store
Bleating Hearts, Closer
Kellarissa, Blood + Sand
Murder Castle, Love Crimes
Role Mach, Black Manhattan
Babysitter, Prime of My Life
Summer Camp, Down
Real Estate, It's Real
Peaking Lights, Hey Sparrow
Love Cuts, Hi Smile Wave
HTRK, Eat Yr Heart
Gauntlet Hair, Keep Time
Seapony, Sailing
Tennis, Tell Her No
Grimes, Oblivion

Track Listing:

I'm His Girl
Friends · I'm His Girl
I've Been Thinking
Handsome Boy Modelling School featuring Chan Marshall · White People
The Grocery Store
Slow Learners · Soundcloud
Bleating Hearts · Demo
Blood + Sand
Kellarissa · Moon of Neptune
Love Crimes
Murder Castle · Picnic Ghosts
Black Manhattan
Role Mach · Lamerica
Prime of My Life
Babysitter · Tape V
Summer Camp · Welcome to Condale
It's Real
Real Estate · Days
Hey Sparrow
Peaking Lights · 936
Hi Smile Wave
Love Cuts · Nominal 7"
Eat Yr Heart
HTRK · Work
Keep Time
Gauntlet Hair · s/t
Seapony · Sailing
Tell Her No
Tennis · Tell Her No
Grimes · Visions