Duncan's Donuts Episode September 29, 2011

Broadcast on 29-Sep-2011

12:00pm - 1:00pm

The Cool Rays, Diary of You
Babysitter, Cool Rays
Jonathan Richman, The Fenway
Pleasure Cruise, Weeks & Months
Role Mach, Sun Yat Sen
Jennifer Castle, You Don't Have To Be (Live)
Jennifer Castle, Neverride (Live)
Jennifer Castle, [Track from the second album] (Live)
Jennifer Castle, Powers
Duffy and the Doubters, Planet of Vampires
Kidnap Kids!, Lolita
Blouse, Videotapes
Youth Lagoon, Afternoons
Friends, My Boo
Tassels, Eyewitness News
Tyranahorse, Teenage Girl

Track Listing:

Diary of You
The Cool Rays · Sub Pop 5
Cool Rays
Babysitter · Tape 1
The Fenway
Jonathan Richman · Rockin' and Romance
Weeks & Months
Pleasure Cruise · Business or..
Sun Yat Sen
Role Mach · Bloddstains Across British Columbia
You Don't Have To Be (Live)
Jennifer Castle · Live
Neverride (Live)
Jennifer Castle · Live
[Track from the second album] (Live)
Jennifer Castle · Live
Jennifer Castle · Castlemusic
Planet of Vampires
Duffy and the Doubters · Scriptural Supplies
Kidnap Kids! · You Would Run From Ratboy Grave
Blouse · s/t
Youth Lagoon · The Year of Hibernation
My Boo
Friends · I'm His Girl
Eyewitness News
Tassels · News
Teenage Girl
Tyranahorse · ghostwolfmotherhawk