Duncan's Donuts Episode August 25, 2011

Broadcast on 25-Aug-2011

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Skatt Bros, Life At the Outpost
Coconut Records, Nighttiming (Instrumental)
Deamboat, Summerheart
The Babies, Wild Two
Seapony, Go With Me, Dreaming
Jeremy Jay , Just Dial My Number
Korean Gut, If You Want
Grown Ups, We're Not Friends
Happy New Year, Gold Medallion
Weed, With Drug
Coolrunnings, Thunderbirds
Pure X, Easy
DAD, In The Window
Myths, The Horizon

Track Listing:

Life At the Outpost
Skatt Bros · Strange Spirits
Nighttiming (Instrumental)
Coconut Records · Bored To Death
Deamboat · Summerheart
Wild Two
The Babies · Demo
Seapony · Go With Me
just dial my number
jeremy jay · splash
If You Want
Korean Gut · s/t
We're Not Friends
Grown Ups · Not Friends
Gold Medallion
Happy New Year · Gold Medallion
With Drug
Weed · With Drug
Coolrunnings · Dracula
Pure X · Pleasure
In The Window
DAD · s/t
The Horizon
Myths · Myths