Duncan's Donuts Episode August 11, 2011

Broadcast on 11-Aug-2011

12:00pm - 1:03pm

Gonjasufi, Ancestors
Bon Iver, Calgary
Babe Rainbow, I Can Try To Run (Stuck)
The Kills, Heart Is A Beating Drum
Battles, Sweetie & Swag (feat. Kazu Makino)
St Vincent, Surgeon
Chromeo, Fancy Footwork
Black Lips, Good Bad Not Evil
Yeasayer, Sunrise
Vancougar, Let It Go
Handsome Furs, Cheap Music
Austra, The Noise

Track Listing:

Gonjasufi · A Sufi & A Killer
Bon Iver · Bon Iver
I Can Try To Run (Stuck)
Babe Rainbow · TirAngle Presents: Let Me Shine
Heart Is A Beating Drum
The Kills · Blood Pressures
Sweetie & Swag (Kazu Makino)
Battles · Gloss Drop
St Vincent · Strange Mercy
Fancy Footwork
Chromeo · Fancy Footwork
Good Bad Not Evil
Black Lips · Veni Vidi Vici
Yeasayer · All Hours Cymbals
let it go
vancougar · canadian tuxedo
Cheap Music
Hansome Furs · Sound Kapital
The Noise
Austra · Feel It Break