Duncan's Donuts Episode July 7, 2011

Broadcast on 07-Jul-2011

12:00pm - 1:00pm

The Constantines, New King
Dizzy Eyes, Let's Break Up The Band
Babysitter, Summer of Luv
Twin Sister, Bad Street
Mister Heavenly, Pineapple Girl
Girls Names, I Lose
Silver Shampoo, Ladders
Wooden Shjips, Lazy Bones
Thee Oh Sees, I Need Seed
Guimauves, Aliens Eat What People Eat
Apollo Ghosts, Lightweight
Duffy and the Doubters, Metal Detector
Slim Twig, Priscilla
Tonstartssbandht, Shot To La Parc
Under The Sun, Whatever Happened That Day

Track Listing:

New King
The Constantines · Kensington Heights
Let's Break Up The Band
Dizzy Eyes · Let's Break Up The Band
Summer of Luv
Babysitter · Tape III
Bad Street
Twin Sister · In Heaven
Pineapple Girl
Mister Heavenly · Out of Love
I Lose
Girls Names · Dead To Me
Silver Shampoo · Higher and Higher
Lady Bones
Wooden Shjips · West
I Need Seed
Thee Oh Sees · Castlemania
Aliens Eat What People Eat
Guimauves · Live
Apollo Ghosts · Money Has No Heart
Metal Detector
Duffy and the Doubters · Scriptural Supplies
Slim Twig · Slim Twig/US Girls split
Shot To La Parc
Tonstartssbandht · Now I Am Become
Whatever Happened That Day
Under The Sun · Dust