Duncan's Donuts Episode May 19, 2011

Broadcast on 19-May-2011

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Black Lips, Modern Art
Van Halen, Jump
The Son of P.M., Koisun Ching
Nice Face, A Minor Altercations
Swans, A Screw
Wire, Two People In A Room
The Son of P.M., Cho Cho Chan
Geneva Jacuzzi, Mouth Erection
Bette Davis, In The Meantime
Korean Gut, Gingold
Boston, Smokin'
n213, Shave Fantasy
Bob Pollard, Sunspace Biographies

Track Listing:

modern art
black lips · arabia mountain
Van Halen · 1984
Koisun Ching
The Son of P.M. · Shadow Music of Thailand
A Minor Altercations
Nice Face · Immer Etwas
A Screw
Swans · A Screw
Two People In A Room
Wire · On Returning
Cho Cho Chan
The Son of P.M. · Shadow Music of Thailand
Mouth Erection
Geneva Jacuzzi · Cuze Control
In The Meantime
Bette Davis · Greatest Hits
Korean Gut · Gingold
Boston · Greatest Hits
Shave Fantasy
n213 · Split w Reflectionsss
Sunspace Biographies
Bob Pollard · Waved Out