Duncan's Donuts Episode May 12, 2011

Broadcast on 12-May-2011

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Devo, Gut Feeling
Korean Gut, If You Want
Jeffery Beaumont, Where She Gone
The Zombies, This Will Be Our Year
Alex Wilson, Sister Wife
Babysitter, Soda Pop Culture
Ty Segall, Mike D's Coke
Apollo Ghosts, Mt Benson, Coka-Cola Admen
Little Red, Coca Cola
The Bobby Fuller Four, Let Her Dance
The Greenhornes w Holly Golightly, There Is An End
Creation, Making Time
Ray Parker Jr, Ghostbusters Theme
Alden Penner, The Ghost of Creaky Crater
Tonetta, G & B Showers
Crystal Stilts, Precarious Stair

Track Listing:

Gut Feeling
Devo · Life Aquatic OST
If You Want
Korean Gut · If You Want 7"
Where She Gone
Jeffery Beaumont · Demo
This Will Be Our Year
The Zombies · Odessey & Oracle
Sister Wife
Alex Wilson · Sister Wife EP
Soda Pop Culture
Babysitter · Tape III
mike d's coke
ty segall · melted
Coka-Cola Admen
Apollo Ghosts · Mt Benson
Coca Cola
Little Red · Coca Cola 7"
Let Her Dance
The Bobby Fuller Four · Fantastic Mr Fox OST
There Is An End
The Greenhornes w Holly Golightly · Broken Flowers OST
Making Time
Creation · Rushmore OST
Ghostbusters Theme
Ray Parker Jr · Ghostbusters OST
The Ghost of Creaky Crater
Alden Penner · The Ghost of Creaky Crater 7"
G & B Showers
Tonetta · 777 Vol 2
Precarious Stair
Crystal Stilts · In Love With Oblivion